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Malaysia Women & Girls Forum 2021

‘Bodily Autonomy: Ensuring Rights & Choices for Malaysia's Women & Girls’


MWGF 2021 Theme

BODILY AUTONOMY - The Foundation that Secures the Rights & Welfare of Malaysia’s Women & Girls 

Bodily Autonomy is an all encompassing term which highlights the sovereignty of the individual over their own bodies. In most countries this is far from a reality for women & girls.  Even though Bodily Autonomy is a pillar of Human Rights - its application and understanding is far from apt. 

The realisation and establishment of Bodily Autonomy, be it in any setting - educational, social, policy-based, and so on - can only enhance the rights of the individual. Therefore it is fundamental that Malaysians (including men & young boys) begin to understand not only what it means but how to apply it to themselves and the people around them.  Policy makers, governments, institutions and CSO’s should be amplifying and elucidating the understanding and securing of Bodily Autonomy for everyone.

MWGF 2021  Resolutions

Resolution 1

Align government programmes and strategies in line with SDG5 on gender equality by 2030.

Resolution 2

Ensure the successful roll-out of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill, followed by the drafting and tabling of a Gender Equality Bill and other laws to ensure Bodily Autonomy and Integrity.

Resolution 3

Adopt a whole-of-society approach in normalising and upholding Bodily Autonomy and integrity, including more institutional pushback against rape culture.

Resolution 4

Strengthen and normalise comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in schools to better equip girls with knowledge of their rights to Bodily Autonomy.

Resolution 5

Create targeted economic recovery efforts aimed at strengthening the position and involvement of women & girls in society including policymaking and political participation.

Resolution 6

Raise awareness regarding gaps in the legal environment and push for criminalisation of domestic abuse and child marriage.

Our Featured Speakers

Tehmina Kaoosji.jpg

Tehmina Kaoosji - Host & Emcee

Independent Broadcast Journalist & Gender Activist

KJ pic.jpeg

YB. Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin

Minister of Health, Malaysia


Karima El Korri

United Nations Resident Coordinator for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Darussalam

Asa Torkelsson_photo 2021 copy.jpeg

Dr. Asa Torkelsson

United Nations Population Fund Malaysia Representative

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.50.21 PM.png

MWGF 2022 In the News

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