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Malaysia Women & Girls Forum

'Expanding Women's Rights Through Economic Equity'

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MWGF 2022 Theme

Expanding Women's Rights Through Economic Equity

Women make up 50% of Malaysia’s population, yet the country has one of the lowest female labour force participation rates (LFPR) amongst upper middle income countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further impacted Women’s economic opportunities due to myriad socio-economic, cultural and accessibility issues & barriers. With less economic representation and equity, it means women’s rights, choices and their ability to lead social and rights based narratives are diminishing. 

MWGF 2022 aims to identify barriers, understand causes and outline solutions & opportunities that can accelerate Malaysia’s Female LFPR, economic equity and boost economic recovery.  Malaysia clearly has a dormant economic might that needs be unleashed and doing so would  propel the country towards achieving the 2030 SDGs. 


Speakers & Panelists



About MWGF

Building towards a brighter future for
Malaysia's Women & Girls

The Malaysia Women & Girls Forum (MWGF) is an annual event that brings together multiple stakeholders involved in the social and economic advancement of women & girls in Malaysia. The Forum aims to be the bridge that connects the public, civil society and policy stakeholders towards rapidly advancing the necessary social, economic and political solutions needed for the advancement of Malaysia’s women & girls. 

Funded and supported by the United Nations (UN) & United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Malaysia, MWGF collectively amplifies, tracks and provides proactive recommendations & solutions on the progress of advancing the rights and wellbeing of Malaysia’s women and girls.

MWGF Pillars:

1. Building towards the 2030 SDGs
2. Attaining Gender Equality
3. Ending Gender-based violence and Harmful Practices
4. Ending Unmet Need for Family Planning
5. Ending preventable Maternal death
6. Attaining full potential of young people


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