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The Review

Presenting MWGF: The Review - a 60-minute special feature that aired on 16 December, on Astro Awani.

Drawing on the resolutions and core takeaways of the last three iterations of the Malaysia Women and Girls Forum (MWGF), the program reviews Malaysia’s progress in advancing the rights and wellbeing of women and girls in a post-pandemic world.

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The Malaysia Women & Girls Forum

Since 2020, the Malaysia Women and Girls Forum (MWGF) has been a bridge connecting stakeholders in public and civil society to address crucial social, economic and political issues and solutions for the advancement of Malaysia’s women and girls. 


This year’s MWGF will see us shaking things up in a 60 minute special feature, including Ministerial interviews and  boardroom discussions with academics, members of civil society & other stakeholders. 

With a focus on three main areas for women and girls’ empowerment – economic opportunity; legislation and gender equality; and education, gender norms and awareness,’MWGF: The Review’ will draw on our panellists’ expertise and insights as we discuss, review, and draw on the resolutions of the three previous iterations of MWGF (shown below).

MWGF: The Review

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